MIDI Instrument Bundle

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Experiment with MIDI instruments and create your own paper interfaces.

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Play music with paper using the Touch Board and Printed Instrument Sensors

The MIDI Instrument Bundle includes everything you need to transform paper into a MIDI interface. Play a MIDI piano, tap a paper drum, or create your own MIDI sampler!

Get started in under 10 minutes with this bundle

  • Three Printed Instrument Sensors to get you started
  • An Electric Paint Tube so you can create your own designs
  • Pre-printed and sealed templates make your instruments robust and long-lasting
  • Carbon dots let you quickly and easily connect your Touch Board to your sensors

An engaging first project – and the perfect gift – to get started with the Touch Board. The MIDI Instrument bundle has something for everyone, whether you’re into music, electronics or design.


*This product bundle contains three separate products which will ship together.


1 x Touch Board
1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
1 x Printed Instrument Sensors
36 x Carbon dots

Easy setup

This bundle is supported with loads of easy to follow step-by-step tutorials to get you started with your MIDI instruments in no time.

Fingers playing piano made using the MIDI Instrument Bundle

MIDI + Garageband

Take your project to the next level, and use your Printed Instrument Sensors as GarageBand MIDI controllers.

MIDI controller connected to Garage Band on iPad tablet

Custom Sensors

Get creative, and use Electric Paint to design your own sensors to use as MIDI interfaces.


Black circle and White circle made with electrical paint

You've got an Arduino

The Touch Board is easily programmed via the Arduino IDE. Use our libraries and example sketches to tune your sensors, play MP3s and much more.

Laptop displaying Arduino set up

Made in the UK
3cm (1.18in)
21.7cm (8.5in)
15.7cm (6.2in)

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