Printed Sensor (set of 3)


Use paper as a sensor.

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Prototype your ideas with ready-to-use touch and distance sensors.

Printed Sensors are flexible paper sensors which have been screen printed using Electric Paint. They’re the perfect material for quickly testing, modifying, and iterating touch and proximity sensors. Printed Sensors are screen printed with a unique pattern optimized for distance sensing, and sealed with a water-proof varnish to protect from humidity and smudging. 16 exposed access nodes allow for easy connection to capacitive electrodes, like those on the Touch Board, Pi Cap, and Light Up Board.


3 x Printed Sensors

Prototype with printed sensors

No time to design custom sensors? No problem. Prototype touch and proximity sensing with Printed Sensors. Just connect, power, and go.

Easy to integrate and modify

Customise, hack or modify your sensors to fit your project. Printed Sensors can be cut, folded, concealed or integrated. Use them as you would craft, modelling, or origami paper and add interactivity to your prototypes and projects.

Made in the UK
0.3cm / 0.118in
21cm / 8.5in
15.3cm / 6.2in
0.038kg / 1.34oz