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Dynamically Functional Surfaces™

Bare Conductive’s groundbreaking Dynamically Functional Surface Technology makes it possible to transform any surface into a smart surface. With over a dozen functionalities available, our core competence is transforming traditional surfaces into smart ones, measuring interaction, occupancy, water leaks, corrosion, and more. Our technology stack extends from the surface to the cloud, delivering high-quality data to building management systems, vehicle control systems, and mobile devices.

We’re currently conducting field trials and proof of concept projects for global leaders in the construction, chemicals, automotive and insurance industries. Contact us for more information or download a one-page technology pdf to the right.

Making our technology accessible and easy to use as part of a development process is important. We’ve created a range of development kits to enable individual engineers and designers to prototype their own Dynamically Functional Surfaces. Visit our shop and our resources page for more information. Check the links below for more ideas and inspiration on how our technology could be the solution you need.

Download a one-page pdf with more on Dynamically Functional Surfaces™

Our development kits make prototyping smart surfaces easy

Case studies, white papers, and project resources