Stock up on all the tools


Touch Board

£49.00 exc. VAT

Capacitive touch, distance sensing, MP3, MIDI & more on the Arduino-compatible Touch Board

Touch Board Starter Kit

£86.75 exc. VAT

Three interactive projects to get you started with the Touch Board.

Pin Battery 50 Pack

£25.00 exc. VAT

Pin mount lithium coin cell batteries. Great for paper electronics, powering simple circuits, LEDs and...

Green Flashing LED 50 Pack

£7.08 exc. VAT

These LEDs are compatible with our Flashing Card Sets, coin batteries and Electric Paint

Touch Board Workshop Pack

£400.00 exc. VAT

Program, make music or create interactive projects with the Touch Board Workshop Pack

Electric Paint 50ml

£18.00 exc. VAT

Screen print, paint, or stencil circuits and sensors on any surface.

Flashing Card Set Celebration Circuit

£12.50 exc. VAT

Make 3 greeting cards that light up!

Flashing Card Set Conductive Encounters

£12.50 exc. VAT

Make 3 greeting cards that light up!

Flashing Card Set Power Animals

£12.50 exc. VAT

Make 3 greeting cards that flash!

Electric Paint 10ml

£6.00 exc. VAT

Draw a circuit! Cold solder, repair PCBs, or paint sensors with Electric Paint.

Glowing House Set Voltage Village

£16.66 exc. VAT

Build two paper houses that light up in the dark!

Flashing Card Activity Pack Robot Parade

£60.00 exc. VAT

A fun and creative activity for 30 participants. Draw a circuit using Electric Paint.