Electric Paint

Create sensors and circuits with paint

Electric Paint is electrically conductive, water-based, and non-toxic paint, and air-dries at room temperature. It is great for fast prototyping with printed electronics, fixing small repairs in circuits, or painting large interactive murals.

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A paint to paint small circuits or large sensors

Our Electric Paint is a black paint that conducts electricity. Compared to other conductive paints, it is non-toxic and dries at air and room temperature. Electric Paint is a water-based paint, so you can apply it on any surface that is non-hydrophobic, like paper, card or wood.

With Electric Paint you can either paint small electrical circuits or, combined with our hardware, create touch and proximity sensors.

Electric Paint and our hardware

We make hardware that have touch sensors and each sensor can be extended with Electric Paint. This means that when when combine Electric Paint and our hardware, you can touch the paint to trigger a sound, light, projection animation and more! Use Electric Paint to create interactive posters and interactive walls.

If you want to find out more about our hardware, have a look at our best-selling product, the Touch Board.

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1 Electric Paint, 3 quantities

Electric Paint 10ml

  • Apply by squeezing the tube
  • Great for cold soldering and painting circuits
  • One tube can cover up to 0.5m
  • Use with Bare Conductive hardware
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Electric Paint 50ml

  • Apply with a brush or screen print
  • Great for screen printing or painting sensors
  • One jar can cover up to 0.8m² 
  • Use with Bare Conductive hardware
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Electric Paint 1L

  • Apply with a brush or screen print
  • Great for screen printing or painting large sensors
  • One 1L bucket can cover up to 16m²
  • Use with Interactive Wall Kit
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Technical Information

Electric Paint is a non-toxic, water-based, water soluble, electrically conductive paint. It can be used in circuits as a painted resistor element, a capacitive electrode or can function as a conductor in designs that can tolerate high resistivity. It is intended for applications with circuits using low DC voltages at low currents.

Electric Paint adheres to a wide variety of substrates and can be applied using screen printing equipment. Its major benefits include low cost, solubility in water and good screen life. It is black in colour and can be over-painted with any material compatible with a water-based paint.

For full technical specifications, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

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  • Color: Black
  • Density: 1.16 g/ml
  • Sheet resistance: 55Ω/sq at 50 micron film thickness
  • Screen printing: 43T – 90T polyester or stainless steel screen
  • Vehicle: Water-based
  • Drying temperature: Room temp for 5-15 minutes
  • Clean up: Warm water and soap
  • Shelf life: six months after opening

Touchless/proximity sensing

If you want to create touchless/proximity sensors with our hardware, we recommend our Printed Sensors!

They are screen printed with Electric Paint, sealed to prevent smudging, and their pattern is optimal to sense an approaching hand or finger. In order to connect the hardware to the sensor, simply use a pair of crocodile clips. The sensors can be hidden behind materials, and by touching the material, you can trigger the sensor.

See some of the projects our community have created


When the Groninger Museum asked WERC (a multidisciplinary art collective based in Groningen) to participate as artists in the Children's Biennale, they quickly rose to the challenge, creating AR Graffiti. 

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Fashion designer, Louise Binder created an interactive experience combining technology and fashion for her participation at the graduate show using Electric Paint.

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Artist Mark McClure used the Touch Board to transform a room in a hotel into an art installation, where the walls and ceilings became light switches.

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Get started with one of our Electric Paint kits

Electric Paint Circuit Kit  

Build a paper city and paint a circuit with Electric Paint.

If Electric Paint is new to you, this is the perfect kit to get you started. Drawing your circuit is as easy as squeezing a tube, tracing a line, and connecting LEDs. This simple kit is the perfect introduction, with easy instructions and a clearly marked template. Add a battery to power the LED lights and bring your circuit city to life!

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Electric Paint Lamp Kit

Turn a piece of paper into a touch-sensitive lamp with Electric Paint.

Combine Electric Paint and the capacitive sensing of the Light Up Board, to create a beautiful paper lamp in three easy steps: paint, fold, and power on! No tools, no programming, no special skills required.

Select from three templates, each with a unique interface to create either a touch, dimmer or proximity lamp. The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is the perfect gift to bring a little more light to your life, or someone else’s.

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