What Is Bare Conductive

From our first jar of Electric Paint, Bare Conductive has worked to equip anyone with the tools they need to incorporate electronics and interactivity into their projects and prototypes. We’ve built everything that a creator needs to bring their ideas to life, from materials like Electric Paint, to hardware like the Touch Board and software tools like our Grapher. Our kits combine our tools with specific project outcomes whether you’re an electronics novice or a printed electronics pro.

How does Bare Conductive technology work?

It all started with Electric Paint, a black water-based, non-toxic paint that conducts electricity when it has dried. With it you can pain simple circuits, add an LED and a battery and the LED lights up!

We also make the Touch Board that has capacitive sensing, the same technology you find on the screens of smartphones. The Touch Board has sensors that can function as touch sensors. When you connect the paint to the sensors, then the paint becomes the sensor! So when you touch the paint, you can trigger a multitude of outputs from the hardware. You can think of painting a light switch with the paint and when you touch the paint, the light goes on!

But there's more: Not only can you turn on a light, you can also trigger a sound, play a projection mapping animation, collect data and so on! Also the touch sensors can be configured as proximity sensors, so now you can turn on the lights by approaching the paint with your hand or by hiding the paint behind other materials, such as wood or glass. You can now touch the wood or glass to trigger the sensor. As you can tell, there are endless possibilities to creating interactive projects.

Electric Paint

The paint that started it all: Electric Paint! Our black, water-based, non-toxic paint that conducts electricity. We sell it in three quantities, from 10ml to 1L

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Touch Board

The Touch Board has enabled thousands of designers, engineers and students to create interactive installations or build sophisticated prototypes.

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In order to get started with either the Electric Paint or the Touch Board, we have a range of kits that allow you to create a range of projects with our technology

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See some of the projects our community has created

Ghost Box

Inspired by short wave radios, artist and musician Steve Parker created an interactive sound installation, using the Touch Board. Find out more here.

Taking Flight

Using the Interactive Wall Kit, TECH:SQUAD created an interactive projection mapping installation to tell the story of two aviation pioneers. Find out more here.

Room of Illuminations

Artist Mark McClure used the Touch Board to transform a room in a hotel into an art installation, where the walls and ceilings became light switches. Find out more here.

... and plenty more!

Bare Conductive in Education and  Design

Our products have been used in education and by designers across the globe. To find out more about how we can help, click below!