Electric Paint and Hardware

We provide hardware that allows anyone to explore capacitive sensing and create interactive projects. Our Electric Paint is ideal to fully unleash your ideas.

Electric Paint

Electric Paint is electrically conductive, water-based, and non-toxic paint, and air-dries at room temperature. It is great for fast prototyping with printed electronics, fixing small repairs in circuits, or painting large interactive murals.

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Touch Board

Straight out of the box, the Touch Board is pre-programmed to turn any conductive object into a sensor or switch to play sounds stored on the included microSD card. It can be re-programmed via the Arduino IDE so you can customize the function of the 12 capacitive touch and proximity sensors.

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Pi Cap

The Pi Cap is an easy-to-attach add-on board that brings capacitive sensing to your Raspberry Pi projects. It features 12 capacitive electrodes that can be used as touch or distance sensors. Extend each of these electrodes with Electric Paint or other conductive materials to create sensors on a wide range of substrates.

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Light Up Board

The Light Up Board is a small circular PCB with LEDs that can be easily integrated into paper, card or plastic with a lock and twist mechanism. It has 6 capacitive electrodes that can be used as either touch or proximity light switches. 

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