Electric Paint Circuit Kit

Build a paper city and paint a circuit with Electric Paint

If Electric Paint is new to you, this is the perfect kit to get you started: Drawing your circuit is as easy as squeezing a tube, tracing a line, and connecting LEDs!

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It’s so easy and fun!

The Electronic Paint Circuit Kit is a great project to explore Electric Paint. With this kit, simply connect the LEDs with the paint and fold the houses. Once the paint has dried, add a battery, and watch your city light up!

If you require a step by step guide with videos, click the button below.

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1 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
5 x LED carrier board
1 x Card base template
6 x Assorted 3D objects to fold

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Electric Paint Circuit Pack

If you want to run a workshop or a class with the Electric Paint Circuit Kit, you might want to consider the Electric Paint Circuit Pack!

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