Educational Products

Our range of products provide a variety of tools for teaching students of all ages the fundamentals of electronics. Whether they’re learning about resistance, circuitry, polarity, or voltage, our products will help you to teach electronics in a fun and creative way.

Touch Board Starter Kit

$129.85 ex VAT

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a programming pro or looking for a great gift for a...

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Electric Paint 50ml

$29.50 ex VAT

Design, discover, create. Your design and electronics projects are about to change forever. Paint and...

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Electric Paint 10ml

$9.85 ex VAT

Design, discover, create. Your design and electronics projects are about to change...

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Touch Board Workshop Pack

$563.00 ex VAT

It’s time to run a workshop! Learn to program, make music or create interactive...

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Showcase / Tutorials

We have created a range of different tutorials to help you and your students learn about electronics. These range from demonstrations on different ways to use Electric Paint, to explanations of principles such as resistance or polarity, as well as full project lessons. So if you’re looking for ideas or potential projects, just search the tutorials below.

Diluting Electric Paint. How to do it, and what the consequences are....

A quick tutorial on diluting Electric Paint

Learn about space through touch!

A Touch Board Space Map for Kids

The Voltage Village set has been hacked!

Amazing Glowing House Hack!

A quick demo on how to use Electric Paint to cold solder your board onto almost any material

How to cold solder



If you have any questions on how to use, or purchase any of our products, please email us. We’re always happy to answer your questions.