Empowering creators with transformational interactive electronic tools

Workshop with tools and multicolored containers. Workbench is messy with tools and materials.

Whether you are an engineer, a designer, an artist, an educator or a student, your idea has value and we want to help bring it to life. Everyone is capable of insight and the power of creation. We speak many technical languages at Bare Conductive. We are engineers, we are designers, we are artists, musicians and scientists. This makes us and our products stronger. 

Since 2011 Bare Conductive has been on a mission to inspire, propel, and equip a diverse community of creators with new electronic materials, hardware, and software. We believe in unleashing the power of people’s ideas and breaking down barriers with interdisciplinary technologies.

From our first jar of Electric Paint, Bare Conductive has worked to equip anyone with the tools they need to incorporate electronics and interactivity into their projects and prototypes. We’ve built everything that a creator needs to bring their ideas to life, from materials like Electric Paint, to hardware like the Touch Board and software tools like our Grapher. Our kits combine our tools with specific project outcomes whether you’re an electronics novice or a printed electronics pro.

Contact Us

As of 2023 OKdo is now the exclusive distributer of Bare Conductive products.  All products can be purchased through their website  and all enquiries can be sent to them at support@okdo.com.  They will be delighted to help.