Equip students with new electronic materials

Our materials and technology makes it very easy to access the fundamentals of electronics and start creating interactive projects where a touch turns into sound, light or more,


Bare Conductive's vision is to unleash the power of people's ideas and break down barriers with interdisciplinary technologies. Nowhere is this more important than in the contemporary classroom.

Our mission is to inspire, propel, and equip a diverse community of creators with new electronic materials, hardware, and software. We make tools for students and educators to use across the curriculum to tell stories, learn electronics, develop design thinking skills, practice prototyping, and engage with new ways of thinking.

The magic of our products is how they engage the student. They are inclusive by nature. For some students, Electric Paint is a means of visual expression, with a bit of electrical magic added in. For other students, it's a technical product with scientific secrets to uncover. But no matter where the student places themselves on the STEAM spectrum, they will learn new technical, creative, and collaborative skills thanks to this unique platform.

We've compiled the critical information for educators, including lesson plans, technical resources, order information, and an indispensable get-started guide.

After putting our products into the hands of thousands of students, we're confident that your students will find inspiration, engagement, understanding, and expression through our products.

Educators and students from 70+ countries have taken our Electric Paint, Touch Board, and kits into their classrooms, making small individual projects or large-scale sensory walls.

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Electric Paint

Our Electric Paint is a water-based black paint that conducts electricity. The paint allows you and your students to explore electricity by building simple circuits.

Compared to other conductive paints, Electric Paint is non-toxic and is therefore very safe to use paint that dries at air temperature and can simply be applied either by squeezing a tube or by using a brush.

A great way to get started and explore Electric Paint is with one of our kits or packs.

We offer either the Electric Paint Circuit Kit, which is designed for one student or user, or the Electric Paint Circuit Pack, which is the Electric Paint Circuit Kit times 10, so it's suitable for 10 students or users.

Another fun activity is the Electric Paint Lamp Kit, with which you and your students get to create three different paper lamps.

Light up a paper city

With the Electric Paint Circuit Kit and Electric Paint Circuit Pack you get to use Electric Paint to connect LEDs together and create a small circuit that lights up!

Use the Electric Paint Circuit Kit or Pack to discover Electric Paint and learn a bit about the fundamentals of electricity. With this activity, you paint the circuit with Electric Paint and connect the LEDs together. While the paint dries, you can either fold your houses and truck or colour them in. Once the paint has dried, place the objects over the LEDs and add a battery to light up the circuit!


1 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
5 x LED carrier board
1 x Card base template
6 x Assorted 3D objects to fold

Not included: 9V battery

Quick Look

Number of students per kit: 1
Learning time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Price: £14.99 ex VAT

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Create a paper lamp

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit contains everything you need to paint three lamps and discover capacitive sensing with the Light Up Board. Capacitive sensing is a touch sensing technology, the same that is used for touch screens in smartphones. In this kit we use capacitive sensing to paint our own switches and interfaces! The kit contains one Light Up Board.


1 x Light Up Board
1 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Touch lamp template
1 x Dimmer lamp template
1 x Proximity lamp template
1 x Instruction test sheet

Not included: Power supply

Quick Look

Number of students per kit: 2
Number of projects: 3
Learning time: 1 hour per project
Price: £29.99 ex VAT

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Touch Board

The Touch Board has enabled thousands of students to combine their passion for art with their interest in science. Similar to the Light Up Board, the Touch Board's main feature are its 12 golden touch and touchless capacitive sensors, which upon triggering can play an MP3 file, turn on a light or send data. 

Make interactive projects

To quickly get started with the Touch Board, we either have the Touch Board Starter Kit or the Interactive Workshop Pack. The Touch Board Starter Kit contains the Touch Board, Electric Paint and everything else you need to get going. The Interactive Workshop Pack is technically 5 times the Touch Board Starter Kit plus a little extra, ideal for smaller groups. We recommend having 2 students per Touch Board for a full immersive experience. 

We provide a full lesson plan for the Touch Board and the Touch Board Starter Kit and Interactive Workshop Pack contain the majority of materials that you need to complete the lessons.

Download lesson plan


1 x Touch Board
1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
1 x Electric Paint 50ml Jar
1 x Guidebook
1 x microSD card
1 x microSD card reader
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Mini speaker
10 x Crocodile clips (colours vary)
1 x Stencil
1 x Stencil brush
12 x Sticky tabs
3 x Velcro stickers
2 x Paper cutouts

Quick Look

Number of students per kit: 2
Number of projects: 8
Learning time: 1 hour per projects
Price: £89.99 ex VAT

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Create interactive sound walls and murals

With the Interactive Wall Kit, you can create professional interactive walls, and either make large sound murals or interactive projection mapping installations.

Interactive walls never cease to amaze any person that interacts with them. The idea is simple: you use some wood as a fake wall, paint your sensors at the front and attach the electronics at the back. All the electronics is hidden, but touching the paint plays a sound or voice recording, or, if you have a projector to hand, triggers a projected animation. Although it's simple to create, building an interactive wall is an exciting and rewarding experience that that takes several weeks to complete, if the students are working for a couple of hours every week.

The Interactive Wall Kit uses the Touch Board, but also contains all the material to make the electronics aspect as easy as possible. Together with the Electrode Pad and shielded cable, any interactive wall is robust and lasts a long time. But if you're unsure whether the Interactive Wall Kit is the right option for you, what you can do is make a small demo with a Touch Board and Electric Paint.


1 x Touch Board with headers
1 x Electrode Shield
12 x Electrode Pads
12 x Shielded cables
42 x Fixing screws
1 x Interactive Wall Guide
50 x Cable management clips
1 x Cable marking set
1 x microSD card
1 x microSD card reader
1 x Micro USB cable

Quick Look

Number of students per kit: 5
Number of projects: 1
Learning time: 12 hours
Price: £424.99

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See some Community Projects made by educators and students


Using the Interactive Wall Kit, TECH:SQUAD created an interactive projection mapping installation to tell the story of two aviation pioneers. Find out more here.

Sunshine School

As part of their curriculum, these students created a sensory board to help preschoolers express themselves through their art and touch sensors. Find out more here.

Lycée d'Estienne d'Orves

The students of the Lycée d'Estienne d'Orves wanted to retell a WWII story via an interactive map using the Touch Board. Find out more here.

... and plenty more.

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