A Matchbox Dream - Interactive Dream Sculpture

A Matchbox Dream - Interactive Dream Sculpture

"Somewhere between dreams and reality the user will wonder where they landed." Creative technologist Jessica Jabr created an interactive projection mapping sculpture to show the intense and colorful visuals experienced through vivid dreams.

Jessica Jabr, a creative technologist based in New York, created A Matchbox Dream to allow the audience to stay in the moment of their own dreams by interacting with the surrounding environment, touching surfaces and objects that activate light.

The installation is a depiction of the in-between space between dream and reality. Participants feel immersed in the dreamscape while experiencing reality through physical elements. The physical elements are interactive, further playing on the duality of the real and the virtual.

Jessica used the Touch Board for interactivity and initiating color changes and animation. By touching the surface, it activates a light trigger through MadMapper. In addition, sounds through the microphone trigger animation on a white surface, using MadMapper. Directive notes for the user to “Touch Here” and “Explore”were positioned by trigger touch points. Including placing a sculpture she created called ‘Future Earth - 2019’ headpiece on top of it. 

 Images and Video: Jessica Jabr

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