Metamorphonic - Creating Sound with Caterpillars

Metamorphonic - Creating Sound with Caterpillars

Student Yuta Ikeya wanted to draw the attention to the exploitation silkworms with an interactive installation for their design course.

This project was done as part of the “more-than-human centred design” design research course at Eindhoven University of Technology. Yuta has always been interested in insects since childhood, and wanted to do something for them, so they wanted to question the exploitation of silkworms in sericulture.

This project included designing habitats for the different stages of their lifecycle and are equipped with capacitive sensors. These sensors translate the movements of the silkworms and silk moths to generative ambient music that can be listened to throughout their lifecycle.

Yuta wanted to translate the random movements of the worms into sound. After researching options on how to detect touch and movements, they came across the Touch Board. The built-in MP3 player made the development of the project much easier. The resulting music the silkworm produce is generated randomly.

You can find an hour long version of the music below.

Images and Video: Yuta Ikeya

This project first appeared on Yuta Ikeya's website.

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