MIR - A Journey Into Space And Sound At The Centre Pompidou

MIR - A Journey Into Space And Sound At The Centre Pompidou

You might remember Playtronica from their previous installations using our technology. This time, they've created a Journey into Space and Sound; a compilation of different installations exhibited at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

One of the exhibition themes was synaesthesia - the merging of senses that aren’t usually connected. Playtronica collaborated with Berlin-based artist Zu Kalinowska to create several sculptures that turn colour, touch, and movement into sound with help of both Playtronica and Bare Conductive tools and devices.

To be able to play the sculptures, the audience had to tap and move around them or rearrange the coloured shapes, which have tones assigned to them.

They built 5 different installations with common characteristics.

To make the ВОЛNA (Wall), Playtronica used the Touch Board's capacitive sensors in the Theremin mode, which responds to the movement of the participants' hands waving in the air.

From the previous experience working with Touch Boards, the team knew that the connection should be straight, clean and exclude any crossover with other metals. That's why they designed everything inside a wooden construction. Each of the wires was connected to the metal plate, which was glued to thin wood on top.

This allowed movement detection of anything conductive at a distance, so the audience didn't even need to touch the sculpture in order for it to react and produce sound. 

They also created different sculptures like the ЭЛЕКTRON (Electron), which was inspired by the movement of the universe’s most basic elements, such as electrons spinning. Anyone can become a universal DJ by arranging the pieces of paper on the turntables. Here, colours turn into tones and shapes into rhythmic patterns.

Their other installation SИNЕSTIЯ (Synastry) is a mini solar system with ice-cream coloured balls as planets and the doughnut-shaped synastries (a recently discovered planetary object), all floating in a mass of glass galaxy waste. Each of the objects has its own sound, giving the audience space to improvise.

Playtronica always surprises and delights us with their project ideas and high-quality installations. You can check them out in few of the most famous venues around Europe.

Read more about their other sculptures and see 'behind the scenes' of the installations.

Images & Video: Playtronica

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