Reflections - A Projection Mapping Installation In The Sensistan Museum

Reflections - A Projection Mapping Installation In The Sensistan Museum

With the Pi Cap, Ansh created a projection mapping installation for the Sensistan Tech Art Experience Museum, using electronic waste as sensors.

This project was done by Ansh Kumar, an artist in Goa, India. Ansh has a background in architecture but has always been fascinated by motion graphics and installation, so for the Sensistan Tech Art Experience Museum he created the projection mapping installation "Reflections" using the Pi Cap and Electric Paint.

Wanting to explore the Bare Conductive technology, the installation follows the story of a girl living in her own imagination, representing how someone creates their own shells. Ansh collaborated with Russian artist Natalia Filatova, and together they drew a sketch of the mural with Procreate on their tablets. For the mural itself, Ansh collected waste from an electronic backyard that he used in the installation. In order to draw the mural onto the wall, they simply projected their designs onto the surface and then painted the sensors with Electric Paint.

Once he had painted the sensors, he connected the Pi Cap to the sensors, alternating between paint for short distances and wires for for long distances between the sensors and the Pi Cap. He opted for the Pi Cap and a Pi Zero combination because it allowed him to use the WiFi capabilities of the Pi Zero, reducing the wiring to a minimum. On a nearby Mac, he was running TouchDesigner that was handling the incoming OSC commands of the Pi Cap and used Lightform to help with aligning the animation to the sensors. The animations were created with AfterEffects. Overall it took him 2 weeks to create the installation.

The installation was well received, especially by children, who loved the playful interactions. Ansh wants to explore the technology further and introduce a wider audience to projection mapping and interactive installations.

Images & Video: Vasiliy Kondrashov

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