Relaxation - A Projection Mapping Installation With Flowers

Relaxation - A Projection Mapping Installation With Flowers

South Korean artist JOCHANA used the Touch Board and Electric Paint to create an engaging and relaxing projection mapping installation.

JOCHANA, a media and paper artist based in South Korea, created the projection mapping installation Relaxation, using flowers as her canvas, in the Yeoksam Cultural Center in Gangnam, Seoul. This project was created with the intention of soothing the audience, relaxing them through simulating nature such as a pond, the moon and rain.

The artist made a pond with a giant lotus flower and other objects that could be illuminated with projection mapping. For a sensor plate, she used a paper mesh cloth, and drew each object with Electric Paint on the cloth. The paint was connected to a Touch Board and to trigger the sensors of the board, the user was invited to brush the paint with a silver thread brush, which in turn would trigger the video that was mapped to the object. 

The projection mapping was done with MadMapper and the videos were created with AfterEffects. The installation to about 3 weeks to complete, including building the objects and making the videos. The project was well received by the visitors, who especially enjoyed using the brush as a way of interacting.

Images & Video: JOCHANA

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