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If you're looking for interesting application examples for the Touch Board and Electric Paint this is the place for you. Check out Bare Conductive's Tutorials, resources, or the range of projects submitted by our users. We're always looking for more interesting examples to share with our community, so if you have a project to contribute please get in touch. Just email:

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  • Electric Paint 10ml
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  • Touch Board
  • Pi Cap


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Explore the Pi Cap's features: Check out the audio output as well as the status LED

Pi Cap Features

Receive a text message and get notified about any leaks by using the Electric Paint

How to detect leaks with Electric Paint

Make an interactive recipe book using the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

Make your own Touch Recipe

Play Flappy Bird on the Touch Board using the NeoPixel shield

How to play Flappy Bird on your Touch Board

Don't know where to start with the Pi Cap? Check out these resources!

5 Ways You Can Use Your Pi Cap

Download this interactive PDF to find all the resources you need for your project

Download the Resource Guide

Set the Pi Cap either as a touch or proximity sensor

How to make a proximity sensor with your Pi Cap

Find out how to create a dimmer switch with the Touch Board and the anduinoWiFi

How to create a Dimmer Switch

Make an interactive "piggy banana bank" using the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

The Banana Bank

Using the Touch Board to create an authentic-looking, wooden MIDI guitar

Making a wooden MIDI guitar with the Touch Board

Make an interactive weekly agenda using the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

The Weekly Agenda

Step-by-step instructions on how to solder headers to your shield

Touch Board Proto Shield Assembly