Create interactive sound walls and murals

With our technology, you can create professional interactive walls, and either make large sound murals or interactive projection mapping installations.


The combination of our Electric Paint and our hardware have allowed thousands of designers to create their interactive walls and interactive installations.

Our Electric Paint is a water-based black paint that conducts electricity and the Touch Board's main feature are its 12 golden touch and touchless capacitive sensors, which upon triggering can play an MP3 file, turn on a light or send data. Combining the paint with our Touch Board, it is incredibly simple to paint an interface, connect it to the Touch Board, and then touch the paint to play sounds and projection mapping animations. Whether it's an individual artist or a large creative agency, everyone sees our Electric Paint as a way to create new touch or touchless interfaces: the user either touches the paint or approaches the paint with their hand, and they trigger a sound, light or a projection mapping animation.

You can either start your ideas simply with just Electric Paint and the Touch Board. Or you can create large interactive walls with the Interactive Wall Kit. The kit is powered by the Touch Board, but contains everything else you need to fully harness the maximum potential of the Touch Board to ensure the wall is robust and easy to build.

Electric Paint

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Touch Board

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Interactive Wall Kit

Interactive walls never cease to amaze any person that interacts with them. The idea is simple: you use some wood as a fake wall, paint your sensors at the front and attach the electronics at the back. All the electronics is hidden, but touching the paint plays a sound or voice recording, or, if you have a projector to hand, triggers a projected animation.

The Interactive Wall Kit uses the Touch Board, but also contains all the material to make the electronics aspect as easy as possible. Together with the Electrode Pad and shielded cable, any interactive wall is robust and lasts a long time. But if you're unsure whether the Interactive Wall Kit is the right option for you, what you can do is make a small demo with a Touch Board and Electric Paint.


1 x Touch Board with headers
1 x Electrode Shield
12 x Electrode Pads
12 x Shielded cables
42 x Fixing screws
1 x Interactive Wall Guide
50 x Cable management clips
1 x Cable marking set
1 x microSD card
1 x microSD card reader
1 x Micro USB cable

Electric Paint 1L

The Interactive Wall Kit was designed to create precise touch sensors with Electric Paint. The 1L bucket of Electric Paint covers about 16m², which you can purchase from us.

See some of the projects our community have created


Using the Interactive Wall Kit, TECH:SQUAD created an interactive projection mapping installation to tell the story of two aviation pioneers.

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byAR used the Interactive Wall Kit to create a projection mapping table, with the animations giving the visitors more information when they interact with the table.

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Mark McClure

Artist Mark McClure used the Touch Board to transform a room in a hotel into an art installation, where the walls and ceilings became light switches.

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For an easy overview of all the community projects designers and artists have created, have a look at the spreadsheet that you can download below. 

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