Taking Flight - Interactive Science and Engineering Experience

Taking Flight - Interactive Science and Engineering Experience

Using the Interactive Wall Kit, TECH:SQUAD created an interactive projection mapping installation to tell the story of two aviation pioneers.

Taking Flight is an immersive interactive display at the Coventry Transport Museum, created by TECH:SQUAD and Firecatcher. Covering the entire history of powered flight, visitors can learn about the key developments from observations of nature to the Wright Brothers and the jet engine. They can then invent their own flying machine and test it through immersive VR. 

The centre piece of the exhibit, uses the Interactive Wall Kit (powered by the Touch Board) to create an interact history of aviation. Users can interact with the walls sensors and trigger projection mapping images, as well as play sounds. 

Taking Flight is part of the museums scheme to provide immersive science and engineering based experiences, allowing visitors to learn about the history of aviation and engineering . 

Images and Video: TECH:SQUAD

This project first appeared on the Coventry Transport Museum website.

Do you want to create your own interactive installation? Explore the Interactive Wall Kit and learn how to create a projection mapping installation.

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