An Interactive Workshop by Human Instruments & IEUM

An Interactive Workshop by Human Instruments & IEUM

IEUM in South Korea, Dominant Agency and Human Instruments collaborated in an interactive workshop for disabled musicians, using the Touch Board technology.

“Sound Tools Lab for All” used electronic circuit kits, various components and open source hardware. It was a four day course to expand expression methods of disability art, focusing on sound and creativity to create elegant new accessible tools.

There were 4 teams in which the participants were interested in the diversity of art, new ways of expression, the possibility of sound, and collaboration with artists with disabilities. One of the team used the Interactive Workshop Pack to create a prototype device. 

One of the team members was a trained opera singer and wheelchair user and has paralysis in his hands and partially in the arms. Most instruments are not accessible to him. He requested a kind of x y field sensing device that could be used to control sounds and make music. They prototyped their idea with printed sensors and the Touch Board, and moved on to create their own pad shapes as the needs changed. The original L shape design turned into a flat table top design to speed up development and allow for quick bug fixes. Part of the eventual design would take into account the fact that hand movement in space and touching the pads could create totally different sounds or control types. 


Images & Video: IEUM & Human Instruments

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