MuCiK - An Interactive Musical Table

MuCiK - An Interactive Musical Table

Product and Industrial Designer Samiullah Sain from Pakistan, designed an interactive musical table for children living with one of the most common physical disabilities.

MuCiK is an interactive table designed for 6-12 years old children living with Cerebral Palsy; which is one of the most common physical disabilities in the world, through this they are able to play with three basic musical instruments (piano, drums and guitar) and learn about the instruments without physical barriers. It is designed to work as a music-therapy tool for the children and will assist in minimising their behavioural & cognitive difficulties. The main focus however is on boosting participants confidence as children with SENs are often kept isolated from technology within the context of Pakistan.


MuCik was built using two Touch Boards and Electric Paint to create the 24 sensors on the interactive table's surface. You can find the stages of prototyping and more information on the completed project on Sain's Behance Here.

 Images and Video: Samiullah Sain

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