Nofilter_Museum - An Interactive Projection Mapping Installation for Selfies

Nofilter_Museum - An Interactive Projection Mapping Installation for Selfies

Using the Interactive Wall Kit, designers Peter Schoiswohl and Sebastian Schmid created an interactive installation for taking selfies.

Nofilter_Museum is the first pop-up selfie museum, located in Vienna. Austrian designers Peter Schoiswohl and Sebastian Schmid, created an interactive installation for one of the displays, using the Interactive Wall Kit

They wanted to use conductive paint in combination with projection mapping in a project for some time but didn't have the opportunity to realise how. A lecturer from their university told them about the announcement of the museum and they realised there was potential to bring their initial idea to life. When they approached the curators of the museum with their  idea of an interactive selfie wall, they were given full support to build the installation.

The concept of the museum was all about selfies, there were 24 rooms or backdrops where the visitors could take engaging photos and selfies. The installation provided 12 different scenes that could be switched by the visitors via the painted conductive symbols on a wall.

The whole project from the first idea to the finished installation took them three months. Luckily there was a big room in the museum which had to be divided by a new drywall in which they could place the sensors. Two short throw projectors were used to project on two walls in the 25 square meter big room.

Images and Video: Meta_Vis and ngon.visuals

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