reHabilitem - An Interactive Exhibition for Barcelona City Hall

reHabilitem - An Interactive Exhibition for Barcelona City Hall

At the beginning of 2022, the creative studio Framemov was contacted by the city council of Barcelona to create an interactive exhibition for the culture of rehabilitation.

The exhibition aims to raise public awareness and provide tools to make the benefits of building renovations visible to the public. For this project, Framemov used two Interactive Wall Kits.

It was very important for the client that the visitors could access the content without having to touch the panels too much. Therefore, they decided to create proximity sensors to trigger the actions with 10mm copper tape. 

Of the two panels that make up the exhibition, each has a different type of interactivity: one with only sound and the other with both sound and projections. The sound panel needed a Touch Board from the wall kit, copper tapes and two speakers. The other panel with audio and video used the other Interactive Wall Kit, copper tape and also a projector, the Epson EB-750F together with ELPMB62, supported by a metal truss installed on the inside of the panel.

On March 3 2022, the interactive exhibition was inaugurated in CAATEEB, in Barcelona, where it will stay for 3 months until it begins its itinerant route through other cities of Catalonia.

Images and Video: Framemov

This project first appeared on Framemov's website.

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