Touch Poster - An Interactive Poster

Touch Poster - An Interactive Poster

Creative Technology Agency, Codemodeon worked with Istanbul based venue, Babylon, to transform a street poster into an interactive music experience. With the concept of ''Turn the poster ON'', Codemodeon has developed the first audio poster in Turkey. The idea behind this project was to give a traditional medium a contemporary use, by mixing a classic approach with technology.

The project was created over a large wooden board. The first step was to specify the places where the square images with all the artists were to be placed.

Behind the poster, 4 metal plates were placed together in order to intercept the human touch. After cutting the wooden board and metal pieces on the CNC machine, the next step was to merge the parts.

A cable was soldered behind each metal plate, which was connected directly to the pins of the Touch Board. Because there was a 2-meter distance from the metal plates and the circuit board, they had to ensure that all the cables were insulated and not interfering with each other.

After connecting the touch points to the board and running some tests to check that the touch triggers were working correctly, the interactive poster was up and running!

The installation was placed in the walking area between the venue entrance and the live stage room. This way, people that attended events at Babylon were able to see the upcoming live music shows and get an idea of the band's music, by touching the poster and playing the tune.

Images & Video: Codemodeon

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