Eight electronic projects to do when you're stuck at home

Eight electronic projects to do when you're stuck at home

Bored at home? We've got eight suggestions to get your creative juices flowing!

We wanted to write this article to give you an overview of all the DIY projects you could do at home. We've included a range of ideas that don't require any additional materials, from painting a small circuit, to creating an easy DIY touch button for Spotify. There is something fun for everyone, from kids to professionals, and can be done to either fill the day or weekend!

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Light up a paper circuit with Electric Paint

Our Electric Paint Circuit Kit is a nice simple activity that you can easily do at home. Follow our Electric Paint Circuit Kit step by step tutorial for further help!

Create custom-made lamps

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit contains 3 different lamps, which you can either build and attach to your wall or customise by using wrapping paper and glue! Find out more on how to design your lamps in our Electric Paint Lamp Kit customization tutorial.

Install a light within a bookcase

There are a variety of light installations you can make with the Light Up Board, a sheet of card and Electric Paint. One example is a shelves light, but you can replace a light bulb anywhere in your house where you have access to power.

Light up your artwork

You can take the tools from the Electric Paint Circuit Kit and add lights to your artwork. Adding lights to a city skyline is one of our examples, but there are plenty more! Brighten up your living room with some electric art!

Add sass to your plants

The Touch Board allows you to turn any conductive object into a proximity sensor. Plants are a particularly fun start to experiment with the sensors, which we fully explain in our talking plants tutorial.

Turn a soundwave print into sound

With a Printed Sensor, a Touch Board and a picture frame, you can make your soundwave print interactive. Follow our tutorial for more details on this easy craft piece and add interactive art to your room!

Mix sounds with the Pi Cap

You can also create proximity projects with the Pi Cap. The Pi Cap is a Raspberry Pi add-on with the added benefit of allowing you to play multiple MP3 tracks at once. You can use this feature to create a DJ mixer with proximity sensing or if you have enough space, create a large floor mixing desk!

Paint a Spotify button for micro:bit

micro:bits are some of the most popular development boards out there, due to their simple design. If you have two micro:bits lying around and need some new DIY home projects ideas, then we recommend our Electric Paint Spotify button, for which we have step-by-step instructions.

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