How to Set Up the Electrode Shield

How to Set Up the Electrode Shield

The Electrode Shield is an essential component of the Interactive Wall Kit. The shield allows you to quickly connect the Electrode Pads to the Touch Board with shielded cables and provides a prototyping area to solder more electronics to it. Attach the shield to the Touch Board and connect the Electrode Pads to the shield to set-up your interactive wall. Also, make sure to set up your Touch Board with the Arduino IDE before you begin.

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Attach the Electrode Shield to the Touch Board

First, you need to attach the Electrode Shield to the Touch Board. Make sure that the Touch Board is not powered and to carefully align the headers on all three sides.

Connect the cables to the Touch Board

When the shield is sitting securely on top of the Touch Board, insert one of the cables into one of the audio jack on the shield. Then, insert the USB cable to Touch Board, and the other end to a power source.

Connect the shielded cable to the Electrode Pad

Insert the other end of the shielded cable into the Electrode Pad.

Test the Electrode Shield

Now, plug in either headphones or speakers into the Touch Board and turn the Touch Board on. Wait for the red light to stop flashing. Touch the test point on the Electrode Pad. You should now be able to hear the Touch Board Audio Guide.

You can connect up to 12 pads to the shield with the shielded cable.

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