Pi Cap:
Get Started

Welcome to the Pi Cap

The Pi Cap is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi family, with which you can add capacitive sensing to the Raspberry Pi. In order to get started, you need to set up the Pi Cap with your Raspberry Pi first.


Create a DJ mixer

The Pi Cap has polyphonic playback, which means you can mix your sounds and become a DJ with paper! Find out more here.

Make a light switch

Use the Pi's WiFi to create a touchless light switch for the Philips Hue! Find out more here.

Create a MIDI instrument

Turn any paper into a MIDI instrument interface and make a paper piano! Find out more here.

Do projection mapping

Together with a projector you can make fascinating projection mapping installations! Find out more here.


Change volume

Change the volume on the Pi via the system's settings! Find out more here.

Use the LED

The LED on the Pi Cap is useful to provide feedback for your code! Find out more here.

Set up proximity sensing

The Pi Cap's default settings for the electrodes are to be touch sensors, but you can also change them to proximity! Find out more here.

Make a power button

Use the button on the Pi Cap to make a power switch for the Raspberry Pi! Find out more here.

Technical Resources

You can find all the resources for the Pi Cap and Electric Paint in Product Resources page.

Product Resources